Penguin : Pain & Prejudice

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Detail Information:

DC Comics
(September 25, 2012)

Book length:
144 pages


Product Dimensions:
6 x 0.7 x 10 inches

Shipping Weight:
12.3 ounces



What Oswald Wants, Oswald Gets.” “People hate what is ugly, what is weak.

Well, this review begins with my confession that I’m not the biggest of Penguin. Yes, I am. However, this comic book changes my point of view in an instant.

The comic tells a story of Penguin from his birth, mom’s son, the romance, and continous events that create him as Penguin you all read nowadays. Before Penguin : Pain and Prejudice, in 2008, DC published a series of one-shots featuring various Batman villains, under the title of Joker’s Asylum. Jason Aaron wrote the Penguin installment, a twisted little 22-page story that explores the character’s weird relationship with women and the portrait of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot who looks as businessman in public but is a head of mob in the underneath.

In Penguin : Pain and Prejudice, the story takes more turn around in which it shows the more darker and notorious side of Penguin. He will not kill you, but He jeopardizes your life. (it does make me shiver).

The dark story of Penguin : Pain and Prejudice is supported by top notch illustration made by Szymon Kudranski. If you buy the TPB version you will also obtain the story of Penguin in Joker’s Asylum.

My minor dissapointment in Penguin : Pain and Prejudice is the part when Penguin built a robotic penguin to attack Gotham. I know he is a villain but never it never occurs to me that he is also a scientist.

Anyway, this comic is great to read and worth having.


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