1/6 Sideshow Collectibles Harley Quinn

Hey all, sorry for the delay on updating this blog. I would like to share a new item to be pre-ordered which is 1/6 Sideshow Collectibles Harley Quinn. Recently, Harley Quinn has become one of my favorite villain of Batman despite her relation with Joker.


The Harley Quinn Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Fully Articulated Body
  • Two Harlequin jester heads with alternate expressions; grinning and mischievous
  • Fabric Costume includes Black and Red Bodysuit, corset, lace detailing and jester tights
  • Giant Wooden Mallet (Printed Your Face Here) >>> SICK!!
  • Oversized Pop-Gun
  • Customized Boots (Engraved KA-POW on soles)
  • Variety of interchangeable hands for various gags and tricks, including:
  • Brass knuckle fist (Engraved HA HA)
  • Hand with syringe
  • Sideshow Exclusive: Engraved Butcher’s Knife


Although, I would pre order this item, I have some issues with this figure. First of all, the boots. The boots of this figure is different compared to shoes wore by Harley Quinn in the comics and I do prefer the comic one. The second one, I hope SSC would also release the Harley Quinn’s head without her jester in the final product. I know it would be much to ask, but yes, it could be a very nice addition.


Beside, SSC, Medicom actually has also published its own version of Harley Quinn but honestly, I prefer the SCC version. I will update the information of Medicom’s Harley Quinn asap. Meanwhile, please enjoy the full accessories of Harley Quinn. The pre-order price is around US$ 200  and it paid off compared to accessories given by SSC.


Please note, currently we only serve order from Indonesia but we also try to ship the figure once it is in our possession.

The pre-order is as follow:

– Full Payment : US$ 190.

– Installment : US$ 200 (down payment US$ 50)

Deadline: 28 July 2013