Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire


Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire


Originally, this series is based on a novel created by G.R.R Martin under named A Song of Ice and Fire. Since Game of Thrones has been aired as HBO Series, its popularity has significantly increase. As you can see that currently, everyone are looking for the books and most of them wait for the book to be translated into Indonesian language. Due to its popularity, the book price also slightly increase. I still remember that I have bought 4 (four) of its book with each price around Rp80.000 (approximately USD$ 8.2). I bought it from Periplus book store, Pondok Indah. Now, the price of its book is around Rp100.000 (USD$ 10).

Well, maybe the price of paper is also increase so it affected the price of the book.

Okay, back to Game of Thrones. This book and its movie are totally the best art that I’ve ever taste. Unfortunately, The series cannot win as the best series as nominated by Golden Globe Award in 2011. The best TV series nominated were goes to Homeland TV Series. Furthermore, Homeland also win the same nomination for the award next year later.

For those who love Lord of The Ring trilogy should love this series too since its environment also shoot in medieval era and surrounded by wizard, dragon, other creatures and importantly magic! Different with Lord of The Ring, in Game of Thrones, you will see that a wizard is really use their magic for fight or event for war. I can calculate how many magic are being used by Gandalf in the trilogy . . . hmmmmm . . .


Doesn’t like any other story, you can choose your favorite character. Since the story itself does not only tell us about the bad fight the good (or in contrary) but also tells how human are the characters in Game of Thrones. There are no heroes in this story. Event the honorable Ned Stark (which I thought to be the main character of the story) found himself trapped in his “honorable act”.

The story take a place in a continent called as Westeros which ruled by a King Robert Baratheon who authorized to rule the 7 (seven) kingdoms. The Main story itself is talking about a treat from north that said legendary creatures called as White Walker are going to be ressurected and invade the world. Meanwhile, the human life, who are mostly lived in south of Westeros, also was in anxiety because of the struggle for the throne after the King has died.


(Bahasa Indonesia ver.)

Siapa yang belum kenal dengan Game of Thrones?

Di Indonesia sudah setahun ini nama Game Of Thrones menjadi sangat terkenal. Hal ini karena film serialnya mulai menjadi tenar berkat berbagai forum yang mengulasnya meskipun serial ini tidak ditayangkan pada televisi Indonesia. Game of Thrones sendiri merupakan novel karangan George R. R. Martin yang berjudul A Song of Ice and Fire yang hingga kini sudah terbit hingga buku ke-5 (A Dance With Dragons). Kata Game of Thrones sendiri merupakan judul pertama dari Novel A Song of Ice and Fire. Menurut sang pengarang, novel ini akan tamat pada jilid ke-7.


Kisah A Song of Ice and Fire ini mengambil setting medieval dengan konspirasi politik dan perang yang mengagumkan. temanya cuma satu, yaitu perebutan kekuasaan (throne). Saling bunuh diantara kerajaan dan korban dari rakyat tentu sudah mutlak terjadi. Dunia pada cerita ini memiliki dunia sendiri yang tidak ada hubungannya dengan kenyataan. Setting utama dunia pada cerita ini berada pada benua bernama Westeros, yang mana di dalam Westeros terdapat 7 (tujuh) kerajaan yang berkuasa. Pada film ini settingnya langsung dimulai ketika ditemukan adanya mahluk pembunuh (white walker) yang mana seharusnya sudah musnah pada ribuan tahun yang lalu pada perang besar, kini sepertinya kembali berkeliaran di utara (land that always winter). Sementara itu, keluarga Targaryen yang dulu pernah menguasai 7 (tujuh) kerajaan Westeros menggunakan naganya, kini sedang menyusun kembali strategi untuk mendapatkan kembali 7 kerajaan yang kini dikuasai oleh Robert Baratheon (Baratheon clan).

Untuk detil kisahnya memang lebih banyak terdapat pada novelnya seperti mengenai bagaimana dulunya dunia itu terbentuk, siapa yang membangung the wall, bagaimana hubungan politik antar kerajaan terdahulu hingga kenapa hewan naga menjadi musnah?


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